The avalange of the century cought on camera

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The mines of Sibelco Nordic on Stjerneøya is placed in a very avalange dangourus area.

When the sky opened and dumped down loads of snow, they wisely concluded that a controlled explosion would be the best, so that they could evacuate workes in a safe way.

This lead to an avalange of enormous proportions.

It almost looked as all the buildings would be taken by the avalange, but they are well secured so no damages was caused.

– The whole factory is secured by a 15 meter high concrete wall, but we choose to release the snow masses so that we have control over the prosess, sais the director of the compound, Ove Sollied to the day after the incident.

– We think this is better than just waiting for the avalange to come by itself – because we know that will happen sooner or laiter, he continues.

The buildings on Stjerneøya has been taken by avalanges two times before. Thats the reason for building the concrete wall. In addition a concrete tunnel is built to keep workers and visitors safe.
– Where the boat arrives there is a tunnel that leads to the mining area, which secures our workers.

All the workers was evacuated when the avalange was realeased.

– We evacuated all the workers, and placed them on secure distance to see the spectable. Our own experts then went to the top of Nabbaren mountain throug the mine. From the top they lowers explosives and in a coordinated action the released the snow masses.

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